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Erotic webcam strangers

Will most of your customers be using cuddling as a dating litmus test -- in other words, will it be a way to vet potential dates or is it just cuddling for cuddling's sake? Some people interested in dating will welcome the simplicity it offers: meet for a short time in a public place and experience the other person, without weeks or months of trading messages first. What if you realize that in-person you're a little creeped out by your would-be cuddle partner?

A cuddle is longer than a hug, but shorter than a date, so you’re not faced with having to sit through a drink or two if you’ve decided someone isn’t for you: you can politely end a cuddle any time. For a first-time cuddle you’ll probably want to start by saying hello, introducing yourselves and having a little talk about what you’d like from the cuddle: length, location, sitting or lying down, and so on.

What we state in the app’s “Rules of the Road” is that you wait until the end of the cuddle, ask nicely, and be prepared to take either “yes” or “no” as an answer.

Keep your cuddle a cuddle, don’t try to “change gears” midway through.

If you meet the person and anything feels uncomfortable or “off,” we of course don’t recommend you continue with the cuddle.

It’s OK to politely decline if you feel in any way unsafe or creeped out, although if it’s something the other person might be unaware of you may find a diplomatic way to let them know without hurting their feelings.

At the moment we’ve decided to keep all of that in the in-person part of the cuddle, to get the conversation started and encourage people to think about and verbalize what will make the cuddle best for them. But then we both quickly decided that there’s a real need for this, that we’d both actually use that app if it existed, and that it was technically feasible for us to make it happen. But, as I talk about in my Medium piece, we don’t get enough touch in our daily lives.

I sketched out some screen flow ideas and shared an early demo with Jeff. And there’s a lot of space between the portion of people it might be nice to have a casual, PG-rated cuddle with and the smaller set you’d want to date or sleep with.

Straight people might not go on a date with someone of the same gender, but may consider cuddling them. Ok Cupid did a study showing that straight men spend a disproportionate amount of time contacting the youngest women on the site, that’s one of the reasons why there’s no age indication -- the app is rated 17-plus on the App Store, though.

So the key pieces of information are: first name, one photo and the number of positive and negative cuddles you’ve had so far.

Some people have asked about including “preferred cuddling styles,” like whether someone prefers to be the big spoon or little spoon, or whether they prefer, say, sitting up. We talked about it initially as a joke, the name being a play on the common “-r” trope for apps.

If someone looks especially smush-able, you send them a cuddle invite and they have 15 minutes to accept it.

If all goes well, the app then leads you to each other for a body-pressing sesh in public or private, wherever you want.

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He gave it the design look that you see, and then it was all about fit and finish, and making sure people could go from downloading the app to finding people to actually cuddling with them as seamlessly as possible. I think as a culture we’re ready to consider cuddling as more than just something that happens before or after sex, but as something worth pursuing in its own right. Cuddling takes communication, respect for boundaries, and self-control.