Is postdating a check illegal in michigan

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As mentioned earlier, banks will still accept postdated checks regardless of whether or not the date has come.This is because postdated checks are essentially just negotiable instruments with a clause attached, where that clause does not affect the negotiability of the instrument.You may make payments with checks or cash in person from 8 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 10 a.m. Top Yes, any outstanding charges for WMU campus apartment rent, the Children’s Place Learning Center or Sindecuse Health Center may be selected individually and the payment made will apply to the selected charges.Top Yes, as long as you include the Western Identification Number with the amount for each one and the payment is sent to cashiering at: Western Michigan University Cashiering Office1903 W Michigan Ave Kalamazoo MI 49008-5282 USA Semester and session payments sent with the coupon in the envelope provided should not include more than one student's payment per check.In this way, the drawer of a postdated check will be able to avoid any overdraft fees from the postdated check being drawn on a checking account without enough money in it to support payment of the check.Postdated checks are perfectly legal, as long as they are not being used for illegal purposes.Students: Log in to Go WMU using your Bronco Net ID and password, and then select the Payment and Account Information channel.

Top No, the check will be processed the day it is received and would be rejected by the bank.

To be safe, one should not accept postdated checks dated too far in advance, and one should only accept them from a party that is going to still have its checking account open and with the available funds inside on the date of the check.

Western Michigan University accepts payments by electronic checking or savings on the Web.

When you post-date a check, you put a future date on the check with the idea that the recipient does not deposit it until that written date. So, I post-date the check so that the check recipient knows not to deposit that check until that date.

But, what if the check recipient doesn’t listen to my instruction and deposits the check before the written date?

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We do not hold postdated checks for processing later.