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The main difference between the two is the ease of use and the chance of analytics in the future.If you set it to , you need to set nginx to directly serve whatever folder it is you are serving your downloads in.The only difference is that one needs a token to upload and the other one doesn't.

It encrypts your credit card number so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.6. Live Chat You can ask questions at any product page.You can find this token on the section called to any image/audio/video file on the web.Because of how nodejs apps work, if you want it attached to a domain name you will need to make a reverse proxy for it. Keep in mind that this is only a requirement if you want to access your loli-safe service by using a domain name (ex:, otherwise you can use the service just fine by accessing it from your server's IP.This also gives you the ability to serve them, for example, like this: Both cases require you to type the domain where the files will be served on the , people will be able to create accounts on the service to keep track of their uploaded files and create albums to upload stuff to, pretty much like imgur does, but only through the API.Every user account has a token that the user can use to upload stuff through the API.

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Well was it ever, but finally episode 06 came out on DVD and Lolidan did a sub for episode 07.