Psychological effects of dating in high school scholarly journal article internet dating

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Psychological effects of dating in high school

Victims undergo medical examinations and are interviewed by police.

During the criminal trial, victims suffer a loss of privacy and their credibility may be challenged.

Rape is especially stigmatizing in cultures with strong customs and taboos regarding sex and sexuality.

For example, a rape victim (especially one who was previously a virgin) may be viewed by society as being "damaged." Victims in these cultures may suffer isolation, be disowned by friends and family, be prohibited from marrying, be divorced if already married, or even killed.

Survivors who experience characterological self-blame feel there is something inherently wrong with them which has caused them to deserve to be assaulted.Most rape survivors cannot be reassured enough that what happened to them is "not their fault." This helps them fight through shame and feel safe, secure, and grieve in a healthy way.In most cases, a length of time, and often therapy, is necessary to allow the survivor and people close to the survivor to process and heal.Self-blame is among the most common of both short- and long-term effects and functions as an avoidance coping skill that inhibits the healing process and can often be remedied by a cognitive therapy technique known as cognitive restructuring.There are two main types of self-blame: behavioral self-blame (undeserved blame based on actions) and characterological self-blame (undeserved blame based on character).

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