Sean connery ursula andress dating

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Sean connery ursula andress dating

When the sound entered the movie business in the late 1920´s, Mae´s remarkable career of 40 movies, would soon be over. Soon after she divorced her forth husband, lost custody of their son and had to declare bankruptcy.Mae co-wrote an autobiography “The Self-Enchanted” that was published in 1959.Bette is known from movies like “Jezebel” (1938), “All about Eve” (she won her first Oscar, 1950), “What ever happend to Baby Jane?” (she won her second Oscar, 1962) and “Death on the Nile” (1978).A teen model that became a Ziegfeld girl in the famous show.She made the mistake of falling in love with a comedian on the show who was married to a famous musical star.

Anita Page (1910- 2008) – She was a very famous and successful actress during the last years of the silent era and the first years of the talkie era.

Bessie Love (1898-1986) – She was born as Juanita Horton in Texas.

As Bessie she became an actress who did silents like “The Lost World” (1925).

Madeleine is known from “The guns of Loos” (her first movie, 1928), “Escape!

” (1930), “The 35 steps” (1935), “Secret Agent” (1936) and “The Fan” (her last movie, 1949).

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Mae West (1893-1980) – Very popular actress and a straight forward comedienne.